2030 : The never ending happy ending…

May 4, 2030

Dear Gaian,

It’s an honor to sit in circle with you — you, yes you, the Ancient Newcomers.

So how did we get here, our path home to unified consciousness for the human grace, where we released dis ease into ease to renew from within a welcomed inner peace?

It was not from the woo woo, the light chasers, or reliance on gurus.

It began when we got damn-right elemental. Not from Activism, instead from Proactivism, the design-with-the-end-in-mind Solutionists who created easy on-ramps for adoption by the greater populace to self-enroll. We realized our extractive, retractive, broken ecosystems could be made air tight only when that ecosystem was reimagined within the envelope of an ethos system — a swoon cocoon revealing a spiraling consciousness from the inside out.

This ethos system. It wasn’t new. It was just dusty, human forgotten. It finally had clicked. Borne from ancient wisdom, it took the global pandemic from 10 years ago, humans being physically untouched for a year, to ignite the pilot light, to illuminate the truth, to finally globally obliterate the greatest lie ever told to humanity: The illusion of separation.

This soothe-the-soul ethos system: Interbeing. Reminding us that there is no separation — nature and us is one. Thank you Thich Nhat Hanh, who 65 years ago, on the year of my birth in 1965, was a 2030 visionary, gifting us the golden key, benevolently.

We remember then what amplified. In 2025, the intrinsic adoption of Interbeing rewired planetary synapses and touched everything — re-firing our feelings, thoughts, and actions as an interconnection of self, to communities and our relationship with Her, Earth. We saw soil as soul. Water as sovereign. Food and fabric was life. It catalyzed a new value set where human desires were now effortlessly mirrored through inter-industry incentives — and hot damn, business did became a collective force for social good. Those archaic entities who chose not to adjust, blew away like Dinosaur Dust.

This ethos system flipped the switch on the universal disease of loneliness to a state of grace of human beings sovereign solo souls, better together, part of the whole.

Oneness became a philosophy of not everyone tossed in a pot, instead every one by one ness, as humans began to claim their voice, to feel their birthright again — their inner-gold — invited & ignited, shined to illuminate others to step into theirs.

The imagining cells were enlivened inside, beyond the abyss of previous caterpillar over-consumption scarcity mindset to emerge from the chrysalis, to thrive in a less is more lightness as the butter fly.

What else elemental brought us back to our center?

We realized we set the proverbial bar, the beacon, to the wrong star. We spent the first third of this decade focusing all hands on deck on the goal of “Sustainability” — anchored in by the Global Sustainability Goals set by the United Nations.

We woke to the fact that not only could nobody understand what sustainability meant, it was laudatory and ambiguous. It was a feel good yet not elemental. We adopted new language to solution the game. We flipped the switch to regenerative practices, our planetary bar were reframed to the Planetary Global Regenerative Goals, and everything had a benchmark KPI against it.



Re membered, who we’ve always been.


Re leased, stuck stories, alibis and lies in disguise.


Re vealed, what was alive inside.


Re plenished, we restored.

We regenerated. Beginning from within.

We became the timeless, the ageless, the borderless, the boundless.

WE BECAME The Regeneration.

Rather than fix what was unwanted, we gave shape to the destination.

The Ancient Newcomers saw this new feelosophy as Earth’s true North Star, held by the timeless the ageless — Gen R.

So here we are…living in the cuddle puddle of the hush and the rush of nature and us.

We trust the trust, which begins within, amplifying all around us.

So to sum up the damn-right elemental: We have an ethos system of living in wellbeing— Interbeing, surrounded by the grounded sound of a planetary eco system, the planetary model of regeneration.

So it began, and it begins again. Infinitely.

This is not hope. It’s already happened to pierce the light. It’s a heroes journey hindsight.

They say true love stories never end. Thank you all for being here, answering your call of this ascending, can you feel it too, it’s called the never ending happy ending.

Open your eyes you win the prize.

From 2030 with Love,

Jeff Scult


inviting and igniting unified consciousness as golden threads to nature. jeffscult.com | onegoldenthread.com