May 4, 2030

Dear Gaian,

It’s an honor to sit in circle with you — you, yes you, the Ancient Newcomers.

So how did we get here, our path home to unified consciousness for the human grace, where we released dis ease into ease to renew from within a welcomed inner peace?

It was not from the woo woo, the light chasers, or reliance on gurus.

It began when we got damn-right elemental. Not from Activism, instead from Proactivism, the design-with-the-end-in-mind Solutionists who created easy on-ramps for adoption by the greater populace to self-enroll. …

Katia Bozhikova

Katia mused on Jan 15,2018, just a month before being diagnosed with cancer for her third and final time.

“Love is like doing monkey bars. You can’t jump to the next one, if you are holding back to the previous bar. You have to be suspended in air for a second in order to move forward. Monkey Bar love is a lesson in love surrender.”

Katia and I shared a love for how words create a container for the frame of a feeling. But it was stunning at that time of my life how many lessons remained in…

How are you feeling inside about your future, now:

Doubtful or Uncertain?

Hopeful or Purposeful?

It’s a funny thing about the language we speak to ourselves. Words raise our vibration, setting the container for things inside and out to thrive; or they can create a lower vibration feeding our fear, a malaise which can become a self-fulfilling paralyzing prophecy.

2020 was a year of doubt and hope.

We waited. We quarantined. We put our lives our hold. We doubted our leadership, our world. And we hoped things would get better.

Doubt is the ultimate mother-f*****. It creeps fear. When we doubt, we are doubting ourselves. …

Wed, 4/15 3:48AM :: An early morning Floetic Response to Covid + Earth Day 2020

Wistfully, a friend said to me, “Before we know it, this will all be over.”

How will we each use this time?

This uncertain moment is a most twisted gift, a personal choice to choose to either drift, or witness and participate in the lift of global collective consciousness.

In this planetary pause, we can feel perhaps for the very first time shared empathy, it’s an invitation for sustained compassionate solidarity.

So the question to pose: In time…will this home alone moment be seen as…


“Well anyway…this is therefore to say…transformation of human consciousness through meditation is frustrated. So long as we think of it in terms of something that I myself can bring about. By some kind of wangle, by some sort of gimmick.

Because you see that leads to endless games of spiritual one-upmanship.

And of guru competitions. Of my guru is more effective than your guru. My yoga is faster than your yoga. I’m more aware of myself than you are. I’m humbler then you are. I’m sorrier for my sins than you are. I love you more than you love me.

image borrowed from the iconic movie ~ CWACO-Meatballs.

This title is not hyperbole: This is the non-naked truth of “whoops 👉 woah 👉 woke” regarding those 97% of clothes we not only toss, but also, every time we wash.

“If we keep going blindly as we are, a world of wearing masks outside to protect against breathing plastics into our lungs, is not just possible, it is 100% probable.”

-These chilling words were spoken by Susi Mai, the ocean preservationist | philanthropist, at her 2019 Ocean Cabarete Summit in DR.

Hello golden friends,

I am an entrepreneur, an artist, a clothing designer, and a Proactivist dedicating my waking hours, and often my lucid dreaming, to being a Solutionist to encourage togetherness through golden threads on wrists & woke clothes on our bodies designed to remind that we’re all golden inside.

Thank you for joining our lovestyle movement. Always remember that the golden thread begins within — you.

Curious to dive deeper? Read on to discover threads of our shared purpose…


Jeff + OGT

It’s a travel wrap to move around the world or your home, a stylish scarf, a Jedi cape, a room mood lighting maker, a cozy up for two, a wrap dress for her. It’s an everything thing. Like a Sarong. Just Saright, for life. Super-Natureally.

The One Golden Thread Nature Wrap, ethically-sourced from regenerating trees, this unisexy piece is Nature’s Equanimity, strong and soft (just like you), functional fashion that feels like a second skin, it will become a part of you.

Committed to your cozy comfort, we are counting to 108 use cases…Second skins where people & planet win.

  1. Rock star wrap — just drape it over your shoulder.

That was my story since 3rd grade recess, and seemingly most everybody else’s, as the years creased, it only increased.

Here’s what Webster had to say today, and has probably consistently since the age of the original weirdballs — Einstein, The Wright Brothers and Columbus.

Photo by #onetreeplanted

Al Gore wrapped his remarks to a packed house of social entrepreneurs and pro-activists at Summit LA 2018. Once again, he had eloquently painted the dire necessity for both galvanized intention and time-is-now attention of what has become the broken record of our century, and all too often eyes-glaze-over subject:

Climate Change.

He opened up for questions.

“Mr. Gore, is there a machine created to rebalance the imbalance of the CO2 levels that are causing climate change?”

“Yes there is,” he responded in his typical dry manner.

“It’s called trees.”

Cue the mic drop.

Drop the mic.

That sound in…

Jeff Scult

inviting and igniting unified consciousness as golden threads to nature. |

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