One Golden Thread Nature Wraps

108 uses…

It’s an everything thing.

Always stay connected to your nature.

Cozy is unisexy.

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108 uses we are counting…

  1. Rock star wrap.

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2. Sleep self-Snuggle blanket

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3. Flight cozy filter

4. Waist wrap (it holds)

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5. Wrap around pillow

6. After surf wrap.

7. Eyes mask

8. Face mask (breathe)

9. Head crown

10. Travel sheet

11. Insta lighting enhancer — be the mood hero in any room

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12. Earth nap

13. Swaddle & Breast feeder

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15. Dress & Top

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16. Feels-like-silk Blindfold and wrist ties

17. Love wrap for two

18. Mosquito net

19. Sun guard

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20. Grocery holder

21. Jedi

22. Beach towel

23. Lean tent shad structure

24. Burning man dust filter

25. Picnic blanket

26. Tablecloth


30. Sacred massages (feels like a second skin)

31. Bed throw

32. Couch cover

33. Crib liner wall to wall — your baby may cry tears of joy.

34. Men’s herum pants

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35. Insta chivalry.

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36. Festival Dance Partner

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37.Insta Cuddle Puddle

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I want mine now. Get it here.


Keep nature in your company.

Sleep with your nature.

Bring nature with you to bed.

Bring nature with you to work.

Bring nature with you to snuggle.

Bring nature with you to nature.

Written by

i’m in the golden business ||| digger of gold for brands and humans ||| maker of eco-cozy threads |

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